Technical Skill Soccer Newsletter!
South Bend, IN.
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Who - Two age groups. Boys and Girls in 3rd-5th grade and 6th-9th grade

When- Every Sunday 4-5. 3rd- 9th grade. Nov 17th - March 1st (No Dec 8th)

Where- 244 S. Olive St. South Bend, IN 46619. Turf indoor soccer field. You will see a beauty salon in the front and you will need to drive around to the back of the building. 

What-  High level technical training to gain the highest level of confidence and comfort on the ball, and translate these skills to the fast paced game. Sessions will be designed to be very intense, learn new skills, have players getting a lot of touches, and playing small and full field games.  (Dribbling, Feints, Moves, Ball Control, Passing, First Touch, Shooting, Bending, Chipping, Driving, 1v1 attacking, 1v1 defending, Game vision, Movement off the ball, Fitness, Juggling, Volleys, Wedging, Touch out of the air, Rondos, etc) Please see below for more details.

Cost- $20 a session or $15 a session if paid up front for the whole month  

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